Jonathan DGX’s journal

Un Son Doux – The Childhood Friend

[Words & Music by Jonathan DGX] Looking for my luck Looking for the seed Digging with my hands Digging deeper when You’re here, but now, you’re gone I am here Our marbles without tears Living without fears Against another team Always winning when You’re here, but now, you’re gone I am here Remember the old days ... view

Someone called me “Afro-lover”

… and maybe this person was right ? I think I remember how I discovered and got into African music.It was about 10 years ago, a user posted a video link on a humor website showing Africans people dancing wearing unlikely outfits and making funny dance moves. “Guys, check this music video on YouTube … ... view

The drawback of “limitless”

It’s very difficult for me to decide when the song or the mix is finished. I sometimes have a lot of ideas, maybe too much and nowadays we have so many tools and software to “manipulate” the music. I feel like everything is possible and limitless. I used to create and finalize the music quickly, ... view