Un Son Doux - 3

Un Son Doux – 3 (CD available)

[Album Credits]

All songs arranged and played by Jonathan DGX 
Engineer : Takao Nakazato 
Mastering : K. Tanaka (JVC Mastering Center) 
Recorded at Power House studio / Syn café 
M-3 acoustic guitar : Tamaru Yamada 
M-11 Violin : Reina Kitada 
Produced by Mineyuki Kugishima (Gois inc) 
Photo by Mari Horiuchi 
Artwork : Jonathan DGX 
Promotion support : Takayama Yasushi (Rush Production) 
Special thanks to Syn, Yoppi, Mari Horiuchi & Khanompang Gaku Nakamura

Un Son Doux「3」is available on most of the music streaming platforms such as :

iTunes   Spotify    Amazon Music

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