Orchestra Baobab

Someone called me “Afro-lover”

… and maybe this person was right ?

I think I remember how I discovered and got into African music.
It was about 10 years ago, a user posted a video link on a humor website showing Africans people dancing wearing unlikely outfits and making funny dance moves.

“Guys, check this music video on YouTube … this African singer is hilarious” Yes, honestly it was amusing.

But the music held my attention.
It was something I had not really heard before. I was surprised by the drum pattern, the structure of the song and the repetitive rhythmic.
(The song was “Atango de Monadjana – Zeke Zeke”)
It was also at this period that I discovered that YouTube could be amazing. Such a great tool to share content, an easy way to discover so many different things, another culture, another part of the world.

The different types of music from Africa such as “Makossa”, “Kwassa Kwassa”, “Soukous”, “Bikutsi”, “Afro-Cuban” inspire me a lot.
I guess, people are far from imagining that I listen to this kind of music.

  • Orchestra Baobab (from Senegal)
  • Eboa Lotin (from Cameroon)
  • Kanda Bongo Man (from Congo)
  • Govinal (from Cameroon)
  • Franck Bell (from Cameroon)
  • Les Têtes Brûlées (from Cameroon)
  • Papa Wemba (from Congo)
  • Amadou & Mariam (from Mali)

With time, I was able to find interesting bands and artists.
Sometimes with a little luck it’s possible to find rare vinyls via “Discogs”.

Govinal Ndzinga-Essomba - Govy (Vinyl, LP)
Govinal Ndzinga-Essomba – Govy (Vinyl, LP)

Nowadays, it’s not so easy to find someone to discuss about old African music.
On top of that, by reading some of the comments on YouTube, I realized that many people got a feeling of nostalgia. Unique music and artists that mark an era.
I believe, if you want to listen to “the real Bikutsi” it is better to make research using keywords such as “old Bikutsi” or “retro Bikutsi”.

Anyway, time passes and the music changes …
I just hope that this precious period of African music will never be forgotten.

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