Un Son Doux – EP

Un Son Doux – EP, released on 22nd March.
You can download/listen on iTunes JP (must be worldwide soon)

Un Son Doux – EP on iTunes

– Our Love
– Gold
– Une Lumière dans le Silence
– My Dear

(Music : Jonathan DGX – Vocals : Chiharu Konno & Jonathan DGX)

“About me” (updated)

At the moment … I am still recording personal projects by myself (and hope to share them in the future).
Playing as a bassist in a “Industrial Rock” band (in Tokyo).
Actively looking for opportunities to play or record as a guitarist and / or singer.

For few reasons, I don’t play anymore as a bassist in a “Industrial Rock” band.
And I finally found an opportunity to join a Rock band as a guitarist / singer (only for pleasure now).

Solo album recording, in progress.

“Café du Passage” released

Café du Passage

Today is the first time I appear on CD in Japan. I worked few months with a nice producer and Japaneses artists. Especially help with French pronunciation. I had the precious opportunity to perform 4 songs with them (vocal).
Album “Café du Passage” is released today. It’s mostly about romantic French songs.

It doesn’t matter for me to see my name somewhere on the CD, maybe it’s only a good way to say thank you to people, friends and family who supported me for this project.

Order and informations about “Café du Passage”