Monthly Music

Just to remember the songs I’ve listened, and when.

Monthly Music #15

Keith and Tex – Hypnotic Eyes, Die Antwoord – Never Le Nkemise 1, Serge Gainsbourg – Lemon Incest, Isabelle Adjani – Pull Marine, Arcade Fire – Peter Pan, Interpol – Lights, Tony Williams – Joy Filled Summer, Björk – Hunter, Georges Brassens – Hécatombe, Rammstein ...

Monthly Music #14

Marilyn Manson – Blood Honey, Marilyn Manson – The Red Carpet Grave, The National – Slipped, St. Vincent – Prince Johnny, Booba – Mon Son, Oxmo Puccino – A Ton Enterrement, PNL – Blanka.

Monthly Music #13

Queen of the Stone Age – I Appear Missing, Maria José Santiago – Callejón del Agua, Marian Conde – Falsa Moneda, Carmen – Viva Mi Seville, Placebo – Scared of Girls, Interpol – If You Really Love Nothing, PNL – Au DD.

Monthly Music #12

Requin Chagrin – Sémaphore, Requin Chagrin – Adélaide, Requin Chagrin – RC, Requin Chagrin – Rose, Interpol – Try it on, Interpol – Summer Well, Кино – Мама, мы все тяжело больны, Seth Gueko – Le retour du forain, Baris Manco – Kalk Gidelim Kuheylan, Baris Manco – ...

Weekly Music #10

Olivier Marguerit – Plonge dans l’eau, Olivier Marguerit – La Rivière, Olivier Marguerit – Un torrent, la boue, Kanda Bongo Man – Mama Oule, Oule, Kanda Bongo Man – Liza, Kanda Bongo Man – Lela Lela.

Weekly Music #9

Olivier Marguerit – Mon Echo › YouTube, Syd Matters – Lost, Syd Matters – I’ll Jackson, Syd Matters – My Lover’s on The Pier, Suprême NTM – Laisse pas traîner ton fils, King Burnett – I Man Free › YouTube.

Weekly Music #8

PNL – Kratos, Les Wriggles – La Chaîne, Les Wriggles – Ce que les temps sont durs, Les Wriggles – Juste avant que je, Les Wriggles – Full Cash.

Weekly Music #7

Cradle Of Filth – Funeral In Carpathia (1996 version), Cradle Of Filth – From the Cradle to Enslave, Cradle Of Filth – Death Comes Ripping, Cradle Of Filth – A Gothic Romance.