Before I die

I want to finish those endless recordings.

Why a musical project can takes forever ?

– People are busy.
Band’s members, producer and busy staff.

– Difficulties to make decisions
Which concept, which direction for a project ?

– The sound
More reverb, guitar too loud …

– Details
Lyrics, photo shooting ideas.

Don’t lose the motivation, be patient and relativize.
Otherwise do everything by yourself.

Let’s see !

End of the year

I think I met the right persons during this year. I had good opportunities and lot of motivation.
Thus … I’m sure the next few months will be exciting for me.
There are very few people who encourage me at the moment, but It doesn’t matter. Let’s do it !

Finally, some music ! I recorded this cover song few days ago.
You can listen on YouTube : Same Town, New story

The drawback of “limitless”

I never know when the song is finished, since we have so many tools (and ideas ?) …

I used to be satisfied quickly. Anyway I couldn’t have much choices at this time compare to now, everything is possible, limitless.

I am nostalgic, probably because I was more “productive” to create music rather than spending time to record it.

Knowledge, time and money can be an obstacle, but …
How to really find and set our limit, on something limitless ?