Hello, I am Jonathan. I am originally from the suburbs of Paris (France), and currently live in Tokyo (Japan).
This website is dedicated to my musical projects and activities.

I started be interested in music at the age of 10. My interest in playing, making and recording music keep growing until now.
You want to collaborate with me ? I am open to any proposition, feel free to contact me.

In the last years … I played a long time with childhood friends in a 3 members Rock band as guitarist & singer, although at first it was for fun, after months of rehearsals we could play concerts. It was also my first experiences of studio recordings with them (only demo tape). Over time and years of practice, we reached endurance and solid setlists.

Growing up, I also discovered other musical style that allowed me to do something new and different. (such as bossa nova, flamenco, world music …)
Through the evolution of computer hardware, I could work on recordings, and music creation by myself. Because of my musical curiosity, I spent a lot of time trying to record, create and compose.

After much experimentation, I created some electronic music projects (invisible paw). Interesting and lonely experience that I want to continue when I have the time and inspiration …

At the moment … I am still recording personal projects by myself (and hope to share them in the future).
Playing as a guitarist / singer in a Rock band (Tokyo).
Recording solo album during 2017 (in progress).

Thanks to … my family, childhood friends, Mr. Kugishima, David Playe