Un Son Doux – 3

The album “3” from “Un Son Doux” will be released by the end of April 2019.At first, It will be available worldwide on streaming platforms.Then it will be released in CD format in early June 2019. I worked a lot on this project last year, and I am glad it will be released very soon. ...

Monthly Music #12

Requin Chagrin – Sémaphore, Requin Chagrin – Adélaide, Requin Chagrin – RC, Requin Chagrin – Rose, Interpol – Try it on, Interpol – Summer Well, Кино – Мама, мы все тяжело больны, Seth Gueko – Le retour du forain, Baris Manco – Kalk Gidelim Kuheylan, Baris Manco – ...

Weekly Music #10

Olivier Marguerit – Plonge dans l’eau, Olivier Marguerit – La Rivière, Olivier Marguerit – Un torrent, la boue, Kanda Bongo Man – Mama Oule, Oule, Kanda Bongo Man – Liza, Kanda Bongo Man – Lela Lela.

Weekly Music #9

Olivier Marguerit – Mon Echo › YouTube, Syd Matters – Lost, Syd Matters – I’ll Jackson, Syd Matters – My Lover’s on The Pier, Suprême NTM – Laisse pas traîner ton fils, King Burnett – I Man Free › YouTube.

Weekly Music #8

PNL – Kratos, Les Wriggles – La Chaîne, Les Wriggles – Ce que les temps sont durs, Les Wriggles – Juste avant que je, Les Wriggles – Full Cash.

Weekly Music #7

Cradle Of Filth – Funeral In Carpathia (1996 version), Cradle Of Filth – From the Cradle to Enslave, Cradle Of Filth – Death Comes Ripping, Cradle Of Filth – A Gothic Romance.